Underground Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Demonstration Unit

The next phase for technology development will be the building of demonstration units to prove and confirm the technology.

Conventional PSH

Alpha Demonstration Unit

The Alpha demonstration unit’s purpose is proving the technology is feasible in a low-cost development by using existing salt dome caverns and existing wells. This will limit efficiency, capacity, and storage density, but allow confirming the technology at minimal cost.

  • 0.6-MW capacity / 12-MWh energy storage
  • Two existing caverns—200 ft in diameter, >1,500 ft in height
  • Uses existing wells
Conventional PSH

Beta Demonstration Unit

Built with salt dome caverns optimized for energy storage, the Beta unit’s purpose is achieving 80% round-trip efficiency and the energy storage of 1 kWh/m3 of brine.

  • 5-MW capacity / 60-MWh energy storage
  • New caverns—200 ft in diameter, 150 ft in height.
  • Two 24-in production tubing wells drilled into each chamber
  • Phase 1 of a larger commercial unit

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